Our mission:
To make the world of sports and outdoors circular

L'Aventure is launched by 4 sportsmen, adventurers, lovers of the great outdoors. How can we continue to enjoy nature without taking into account the impact of the equipment we use?
Why are our used tents burned? Why is a damaged kayak buried?

In 2019, we create La Virgule, a pause to rewrite the end of life of our products.

Définition de l'upcycling - cycle de l'upcycling

Upcycling, or how to save waste to produce better

When a company designs a product, the end of its life is almost never imagined. The world we live in is linear: raw materials are extracted, transformed, used and thrown away.
A wetsuit, a zodiac or an air mattress, all products that require a lot of resources to be manufactured. With La Virgule, we collect them to give them a second life.

Unlike recycling, upcycling requires very little energy: a pair of scissors, a washing machine and a lot of imagination are enough to transform an inflatable kayak into a backpack.

From "waste" to final product

We work with a lot of actors of the sport/outdoor world to give a second life to their materials. In this list, we see brands, but also industrialists. They all have one thing in common: reducing their waste to make their activity more virtuous.
Thanks to our brilliant designers, we create practical, durable, repairable and stylish products. All these products are prototyped in our offices at GARAGE in Lille, and tested all over France by our team and our ambassadors. When the level of the product is equivalent (often better) to traditional brands, these products are industrialized in our partner workshops.

An inclusive transformation

To go from a lifeboat to a canvas ready to be sewn, there are hours of cutting and cleaning. We are fortunate to work with work integration companies for these crucial steps to make upcycling industrializable. Their objective: to optimize the cutting and prepare the raw material. At this point, we are no longer talking about waste but about a technical material ready to be assembled.

Hand-sewn products, by experts

For a product to last for years, it needs expert hands and adapted machines. We work with several workshops in the north of Portugal and in the north of France that meet our requirements and ensure impeccable quality.

The stages of this beautiful Adventure

We are 4 sportsmen, adventurers, lovers of the great outdoors. But after the wilderness, we are exploring a new unknown territory, that of the end of life of our sports and technical products.
Why are our used tents burned? Why does a damaged kayak get buried?

In 2019, we create La Virgule, a pause to rewrite the end of life of our products.

La tout premier sac à dos par La Virgule

JULY 2019 - Launch of the crowdfunding campaign

The partnership with Itiwit (Decathlon) makes it possible to launch the first production of O2 bags, upcycled from inflatable kayaks and yoga mats and produced in Calais in an ESAT.

More than €15,000 pre-order: the bet is won, the adventure can begin!

3D de nos Hors Bord 35L

DECEMBER 2019 - Release of the Outboard

A rise in power and technicality with this upcycled duffel bag made from semi-rigid boat canvas. The beginning of a collaboration with a Portuguese workshop expert in luggage.

Sacoche de cadre La Virgule x Triban

MARCH 2020 - First collaboration with Triban

Launch of the La Virgule X Triban frame bag. A tailor-made product, upcycled and manufactured in Roubaix in a professional integration company.

Tous les coloris des sac à dos Gravelot 18L

JUNE 2022 - Gravelots release

We are expanding our range to offer urban bags, which are also suitable for everyday needs. Produced in Portugal, in a family workshop with a great know-how: our bags gain even more quality and resistance.
La Sterne, sacoche vélo de ville ou vélotaf, bleue alpin 25L

OCTOBER 2022 - Release of the Sterne

To complete the urban range, we are launching an upcycled bike bag made from semi-rigid boat canvas.
Sac à dos de voyage La Virgule en collaboration avec Sea Shepherd 35L

NOVEMBER 2022 - Collaboration with Sea Shepherd

Co-branded and upcycled, the Hord-Bord has been given the Sea Shepherd colors to help preserve the oceans. 20% of sales are donated to the NGO's campaigns.

Sac de ski de randonnée La Virgule en collaboration avec ZAG Chamonix

DECEMBER 2022 - The first upcycled ski touring bag in the world, in collaboration with ZAG

The Uback Touring 30+7L in collaboration with bag is out. In the works for over a year, this is the most technical bag we've developed, upcycled from survival canoes, kite wings, climbing ropes. A bag full of meaning that makes the practice of mountain sports more respectful of these places.