Bicycle bags and accessories ♻️

La Virgule bike bags and accessories are upcycled from end-of-life outdoor products, whether for the city or for adventure. Sustainable products made as close to home as possible: in France, Portugal and Germany.

Nicolas Leroux notre ambassadeur équipé en bikepacking éco responsable par La Virgule

Maximum cycling, minimum impact

Welcome to the world of upcycled bike bags, where style, sustainability and environmental awareness meet at every pedal stroke!

Our panniers are made from carefully selected upcycled materials, giving a second life to materials full of history: lifeboats, crashpads and climbing ropes, inflatable boat canvas, hot-air balloons or spinnakers...

Whether you're a trendy urban cyclist or an adventurer of the great outdoors, our upcycled panniers are the ideal companion for transporting your belongings with the lowest possible impact.