Upcycled luggage for the city, your travels or your bike!

Each of these products has saved end-of-life products (tent, kayak, semi-rigid boat, crashpad, etc.). 100% of our bags and accessories are designed to last and are guaranteed for 2 years. They are designed in Lille and produced in France and northern Portugal. We design urban, adventure and cycling luggage.

Upcycling to preserve

Did you know that almost 10,000 tonnes of sports textiles are destroyed every year in France?
The reason: a large proportion cannot be recycled using today's resources. Yet it's still difficult to go hiking in the Vercors in the nude, or to go surfing without a wetsuit in the middle of winter.
That's why La Virgule was created, to give a second life to outdoor materials that have reached the end of their lives (used products that can't be repaired or are no longer in use, production offcuts or scraps, etc.)
All these materials are carefully collected from major brands (Petzl, F-one, Decathlon, Salomon, The North Face, etc.), cut up, cleaned and then reassembled into functional, durable luggage.

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