35 litres ou 50 litres : quel sac à dos choisir pour votre prochaine aventure ? 

35-liter or 50-liter: which backpack should you choose for your next adventure?

Your choice of backpack is crucial for any adventure, whether it's a day hike, a weekend in the great outdoors or an extended trip. Depending on the length of your trip, or even the volume of equipment you'll be carrying, your choice may be between a 35-liter or a 50-liter backpack. Each size has its advantages and disadvantages, but the key is to have the best travel companion that perfectly matches your needs for a practical and comfortable experience on your next adventure.

35-litre backpack

35litres sac à dos upcycling la virgule


Lightweight and compact: Are you a traveler who prefers lightness and practicality? The 35-liter backpack is perfect for you. Whether you're planning a day trip, a getaway, a weekend in the city or out in nature, or even a daily commute, the 35liter backpack is your ideal companion.
Versatility for short outings: Planning a day's activity? The 35L size is ideal for day hikes, sightseeing or even city outings.
Enhanced mobility: Need a certain freedom of movement? A 35-liter backpack will allow you to move around easily without feeling encumbered on your sports outings, hikes or bike rides. Special mention for our late travelers. A 35liter will make it easier for you to run and catch your train at the last minute ;)
Small but practical: Their small size makes them easier to maneuver in confined spaces like public transport. No need to pay extra to transport your belongings.

However, if you need more equipment on an extended trip, or the activities you'll be doing require the use of bulkier items, a 35-liter backpack can quickly be limited.

Ultimately, this format is the perfect balance between capacity and weight. It's perfect for all travelers looking for minimalist or short-lived adventures.


50-litre backpack

50litres sac à dos la virgule upcycling


Extended storage capacity: Planning a longer trip? The 50-liter backpack will allow you to bring along extra clothes or items such as sweaters, camping gear, photography equipment or even your favorite board games to make the long trips go by. NB: Not everything will fit in a 50-liter backpack at the same time.
Versatility is the watchword: Are you a traveler with 1000 desires? The 50-liter backpack is perfect for multi-day trips, discovering new cities or for excursions requiring specialized equipment.
Comfort and organization: Although larger and designed to carry a heavier load, 50-liter backpacks are often designed with particular attention to comfort and organization, making it much easier to carry your essentials.


Nevertheless, a 50-liter backpack can easily take up too much space for daily commutes or short excursions.

So, before choosing between a 35-liter and a 50-liter backpack, be sure to take into account not only the nature of your future trip, but also your needs in terms of storage capacity. For a day's activity or a short trip, opt for a 35-liter backpack. For longer trips, a 50-liter backpack will be more suitable. Once you've decided on the size of your backpack, you can check on its comfort and durability.

At La Virgule, we design bags that are practical, durable, repairable and stylish. They make the sports and outdoor world circular and will follow you for life! They are upcycled from end-of-life sports equipment. You can find your future weekend bag here and the one that will accompany you on your longest adventures here.

Once you've found your ideal travel companion, all you have to do is make the most of your outdoor escapades or urban discoveries!

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