La Cordée

We are lucky to be accompanied by a great team of explorers ready to upcycle mountains!
Lovers of outdoor sports, they are the perfect advisors and testers of our products to make them the best for each practice.

Caroline Prigent, notre ambassadrice

Caroline Prigent

Aka @outside_caroline
Founder of La Poco Loco and Le Grew, she's committed to making cycling accessible to all. A passionate ultracyclist who's always smiling, she'll take our La Virgule panniers on some great decarbonized adventures!

Ben Expédition Zéro prêt pour sa traversée de l'Angleterre

Benjamin De Moliens

Aka @ben_expedition_zero. Speaker and eco-adventurer.

His last adventure in ""3-0"" mode: going to Glasgow for the COP26 with 0 waste, 0 carbon emissions and 0 new material.
For the 3rd 0 : he was equipped with La Virgule from the handlebars to the saddle, including 2 frame bags (one of them turned upside down, the hack is validated).

Nicolas, notre ambassadeur en promenade en montagne équipé avec La Virgule

Nicolas Leroux

Aka @les_pieds_sur_le_guidon
If you're looking for him, he's probably on his bike, crossing France. He spent 2 months on the Sea Eagle, a Sea Shepherd boat on a mission to preserve the Mediterranean.
Notre ambassadeur Clément Fouquet membre de la cordée de La Virgule

Clément Fouquet

Aka @clement.random
An extreme ultra-cyclist, when he's not on a bike he organizes big bike outings with the Big Fat Ride. He's also the proud owner of the Ricargo, a magnificent invention that combines cycling and aperitifs!

The Team

Composed of 7 passionate people driven by the desire to make the world more circular, it is built over the projects. Each one brings his or her own personality to the brand to take it as far as possible!

  • Benoit_Gourlet_-_CTO

    Benoit Goulet


    Surfer, uphill wanderer beekeeper

  • Nathan Douillard - CEO

    Nathan Douillard

    Love the mountains and beer, and both together

  • Maxime Labat Responsable B2B

    Maxime Labat

    B2B Manager

    Windsurf sail destroyer/upcycler

  • Matthias Goulard Directeur Artistique

    Matthias Goulard

    Artistic director

    His drawings weigh as much as his bench press bar

  • Lisa Pintaud - équipe La Virgule

    Clemence Dufourmantelle

    Communication Manager
    Makes believe she's on Instagram for work

  • Pauline Maire - équipe La Virgule

    Solene Rössler

    Production engineer

    If she could knit a bag, she would. The queen of prototyping

  • Marius Fourcroy - Responsable e-commerce et acquisition

    Marius Fourcroy

    Growth Hacker

    We don't really know what it means, but it looks good

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