Illustration des matières upcyclées utilisées dans la fabrications du sac à dos Gravelot 18L

Eco-responsible backpack upcycled and made in Portugal ♻️

You want to consume better? La Virgule offers you these intensely eco-responsible bags because they are upcycled from end-of-life sport/outdoor products. They are made in the north of Portugal in a workshop expert in luggage.
Two sizes are available: 18 and 12 liters. These backpacks will follow you everywhere whether it's sunny, rainy or snowy. The canvas and straps are puncture-proof because they are upcycled from semi-rigid boat and car belts (padded for the 18-liter version).
The Gravelot is perfect for a day, with a computer, a lunch box and a jacket.

Focus sur les matières que nous récoltons afin de les upcyclé en bagagerie La Virgule éco responsable

A really green backpack

With this product, you save semi-rigid boat canvas, a piece of Petzl rope, a piece of F-one kite wing, a rugby jacket and a car belt. These upcycled backpacks are one of the few backpacks made in Europe. Ecological products to go to work without damaging the planet.