Test du Duffel Bag par Antoine Auriol - Un Hors-Bord à la mer - La Virgule

Test of the Duffel Bag by Antoine Auriol - An Hors-Board at sea

Hi, my name is Antoine Auriol, I'm 36 years old and I'm a pro kitesurfer, a sportsman-traveler embodying documentaries on ecology, and a reporter on board (almost) flying boats.

Before leaving for the final of the Pro Sailing Tour between Toulon and Brest, I met the LA VIRGULE team. We did a videoconference that allowed me to meet a group of young entrepreneurs full of good energy, with a super interesting upcycling project! Basically, they recover technical materials from other sectors (kite and paragliding fabrics, yoga mats, climbing mats, hypalon - semi-rigid fabrics, etc.), which they wash and then reuse to make super cool backpacks!

They offered me to test their Duffel Bag. The moment came at the right time, because I was leaving for a week at sea on a competition boat…

So I chose to test the yellow duffel bag (my favorite color). A light and super resistant 35L bag, cylindrical in shape, at the top when you want to use it as a pillow on a boat!

The bag is super comfortable, resistant to spray, it is super simple and accessible! It helps in a boat that moves all the time. No need to look long because the zipper that you open gives access to the 35L space, where I had my few spare clothes.

What I like above all in this project is the dynamic in which the brand is evolving. Everything is made between France and Portugal, in family workshops. We really feel the French "Fresh" touch with a desire to produce durable bags, and to always improve by giving new life to products that were going to go in the trash... Huge crush!!
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