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The Daily Gestures that lead you to Zero Waste

Each year, in France, 4.5 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated. A distressing observation that pushes us to reinvent ourselves and join the zero waste movement . We share, with Le Fourgon, the desire to reduce the quantities of waste produced. How ? By rethinking our consumption patterns . And there are many solutions: for us, it'supcycled backpacks , for Le Fourgon, it's returnable bottles!


Charles, Maxime and Stéphane, three entrepreneurs who were tired of seeing the recycling bins fill up at breakneck speed, decided to create Le Fourgon. The goal: to stop over-consuming plastic. So they tried to make the locker accessible and easy .


  • Visit the Le Van website

  • Choose from more than 300 references (juices, waters, sodas, beers, etc.)

  • Place order

  • Wait for your order which will be delivered during the day, and in addition the delivery is free!

Then just keep the empty bottles, they will be collected during the next delivery and the deposit will be credited to your kitty. Le Fourgon then takes care of cleaning the bottles and giving them back to the producers for reuse.


Choosing the deposit means saving, for each bottle, 75% energy, 79% CO2 and 33% water. In addition, only a third of plastic waste is recycled in France. When we know that 36 million plastic bottles are bought every day, the observation is clear. The deposit makes it possible to avoid consuming plastic, therefore, in the long term, to reduce its production.

And upcycling follows the same pattern: if we reuse existing materials instead of producing new ones, we reduce our energy production and above all, we save piles of materials destined for the garbage cans.

In short, these are small daily gestures that will considerably reduce your environmental impact. Think about it!

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