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Pirates face the worst acts


When words are no longer enough, action must be taken. It is on this mantra that the international association for the defense of the oceans and marine life, Sea Shepherd, was created.

At the time, its emblematic but no less controversial founder, Captain Paul Watson, distanced himself from Greenpeace (too nice for his taste) to create a fleet of committed pirates ready to do anything to defend the maritime heritage of our planet.


Former fishing vessels equipped to hunt down poachers from the seas, crews of tattooed activists who sign up to defend the whales to the point of sometimes losing their lives. This is the reality of Sea Shepherd.

Their boats scour the seas, looking for vessels that do not have fishing permits. When there are legislative loopholes in international waters, when some countries lack the resources to protect their territorial waters, when some governments lack courage or are complicit in plundering marine life, Sea Shepherd stands up and fights to protect what lives below the surface.

From the invisible but essential organisms that inhabit the waters of the planet to the majestic and iconic creatures that rock our imagination, every living being deserves to be respected and protected.

Sea Shepherd exists to defend all of this.


In June 2022, Nicolas Leroux, ambassador of La Virgule , announces that he is joining one of their boats. On the Sea Eagle will take place the SISO mission. In the Mediterranean, the crew sails to fight illegal fishing. Fishing gear that traps many species during their migratory route and harms biodiversity is identified and removed from the water.

Today, a third of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea is illegal, which is considerable.
93% of the species we fish there are victims of far too much pressure.


At the same time, Maxime (co-founder of La Virgule), meets Chris, who works at Sea Shepherd. The purposes of the two organizations complement each other.
When Sea Shepherd defends life at sea, we fight on land to transform an industry that impacts our environment.

Between two passionate discussions, the idea germinated and grew rapidly.
Offer an upcycled and co-branded bag from equipment that echoes Sea Shepherd's struggle. 20% of sales are donated to Sea Shepherd to fund its fight.

Made from end-of-life marine and sports equipment, it embodies in our daily lives the actions that are carried out every day in the four corners of the oceans.

The La Virgule X Sea Shepherd bag is now available here.

This collaboration is further proof of our commitment to protecting nature, the life that inhabits it. Thanks to your support, every day we are a little more able to push the cursor further.

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Vue de face du sac à dos de voyage 35L en collaboration La Virgule x Sea Shepherd
Maxime, co-fondateur de La Virgule, posant avec le sac de voyage 35L La Virgule x Sea Shepherd
Le sac à dos de voyage 35L en collaboration La Virgule x Sea Shepherd - Vue de dos
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